After the Bridge Part Four


A story for those who might have wondered what Tessa and Jem did after they met on Blackfriars Bridge in the epilogue of Clockwork Princess.

Those who do not like Tessa&Jem together or Jessa sexytimes probably should skip this. (You will not miss anything that will affect your understanding of later books.) Those who like that sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.

After the Bridge alternates POV between Jem and Tessa. It will be posted in installments. This is Part Four. It is not the whole story. There are more parts. As this is one short story and not chaptered, each post will contain the whole story from the beginning up to the point where that part ends so that new readers or readers who don’t remember what happened won’t have to hunt down the previous post(s.)

[Also just a personal note: since starting to post this, I’ve been bombarded with requests to write Clace, Malec, Sizzy, Wessa, Jemma, Jordelia, ships that don’t even have names, etc short stories. I usually turn down requests to write short stories for published anthologies because I don’t have time — I really don’t have time to write a ton of short-story-length outtakes. I’m writing this as it grew out of a discussion with Holly Black and Kelly Link about romance shapes and sat on my head and demanded to be written. When that happens again, I will happily post what I write because I like to share free content. But I do need to focus on TLH and TDA right now, and nothing else is calling to be written. In other words, and I hope I am saying this the nicest possible way, I can’t take requests. We will all just have to see if inspiration strikes and hope it isn’t Mortmain/Benedict “The Worm” Lightwood.]

Meanwhile, definitely an R rating below. I admit I don’t really understand the rating system. SEXY TIMES. These characters are consenting and 135 years old, but I would probably keep the story away from kiddies.


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北角 • 健康村(第三期)|North Point • Healthy Village (Phase 3)


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Elementary Winter Hiatus Filler → one gifset per episode
"The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville", 2x19

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I dig the Persol’s, dude.

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the place or state of existence of the blessed after the mortal life.

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